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Your Answer to Security Solutions. Empowering your Security with Better Management

Welcome to GARD Technologies

Your ultimate destination for cutting-edge security solutions. Our app is designed to revolutionize the way you manage security by seamlessly integrating advanced features

tailored to your needs.


Innovation drives our security management software, setting new standards. Our solutions streamline operations, enhance monitoring, and ensure top security outcomes. By staying ahead, we empower clients with effective asset protection.



Efficiency is key in our security software. We optimize processes, automate tasks, and maximize resource use for swift responses, minimized downtime, and cost-effective operations. Clients enjoy seamless management and enhanced productivity.

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Safety is our priority in security management. Our software ensures proactive threat detection and rapid response, providing peace of mind to clients.

GARD: Geofencing and Chat Features

With GARD, geofencing technology allows you to establish virtual perimeters, ensuring proactive monitoring and alerting when boundaries are breached.

Our chat channels provide a direct line of communication between officers and properties, fostering collaboration and swift response to incidents.

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Enhanced Security Solutions at GARD

But that's not all. Our platform goes beyond communication, offering a centralized hub to post and track issues in real-time. Whether it's a suspicious activity or a maintenance request, everyone involved is instantly notified, ensuring efficient resolution and peace of mind.

At GARD Technologies, we're committed to empowering you with intelligent security solutions that elevate your safety standards. Join us in embracing the future of security management.

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25% security boost

through automation.


Reduced security costs

by 30%.

Advanced Plans: Boost Your Security Now!

Choose from our affordable 3 packages

Franchisee Plan

$200 per month

Become a Franchisee of Helping Hand Security - Gards Security Partner and get GARD for this price per month

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Property Security Plan

$350 per month

Includes 1 free contract any additional contracts are $25 per month

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$5 per month

Freemium offerings - payment comes into play when  upgrade to safe routing

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Client Reviews: Hear from Our Clients!

Our clients are very satisfied with our service which

can be understood by looking at their feedback

"Managing security for a busy commercial property can be daunting. However, since our company adopted Gard, I've been extremely pleased with the noticeable improvement from our security guards

Lillian Gross

We've implemented Gard at our university, and it's vastly improved the way we ensure student safety. The app's real-time visibility of security personnel is a game changer

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Marion Wilkins

As a security company owner, adopting Gard has been a game-changer for our operations. 

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Garrett Turner

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